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Divorce from the kids' perspective

Welcome to a safe space where children of divorce find solidarity, understanding, and guidance. Explore shared experiences, seek solace, and gain valuable insights on navigating divorce, from the kids' perspective.

Bella from A Kid With Two Homes
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It is likely you know somebody whose parents are no longer together. In fact, one in five Australian children experience their parents...

A Kid With Two Homes
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Bella from A Kid With Two Homes

Building resilience in kids of divorce

Join us in our journey to empower kids of divorce. Our blog provides a safe space that share experiences, seek guidance, and find solace in knowing you're not alone. Together, let's navigate through divorce, separation, and family conflict with resilience and understanding.


A Kid With Two Homes provides a supportive community where kids of divorce can feel seen, heard, and understood.


Sharing experiences and insights, empowers kids of divorce to navigate their unique situations with strength and resilience.


The platform offers accessible and realistic resources tailored to the needs of kids growing up in two homes.

A Kid With Two Homes
A Kid With Two Homes
A Kid With Two Homes
A Kid With Two Homes

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