Hi, I'm Bella!

Motivated by putting my words into actions and making change for the better, I like to think of myself as an empowered woman with purpose. 

So, why A Kid With Two Homes?


To put it simply, I wish to provide an accessible, realistic and beneficial platform for kids who have experienced divorce, separation or family conflict.  

Having two homes has never defined the person that I am, though it has influenced my life significantly. Growing up in two homes has taught me so much, including positive mechanisms to better my life and those that surround me. 

I believe there is a gap in our world aiming to positively guide kids growing up in two homes.


A Kid With Two Homes is my attempt to fill this gap! 

Whilst not everybody has two homes and no two situations are alike, I wish this to be a platform for anybody who may gain knowledge, insight or benefit in any way. 

Let's share experiences, empathise with each other and add value to our world, together. 

Welcome to A Kid With Two Homes. 

Bella X