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Establishing routine is important, especially for kids of divorce.


Let’s chat about it.

Why Establish A Routine?

Establishing your own routine and focusing on the things that ARE in your control is a BIG way to overcome stresses associated with your parents’ divorce, and life generally.

Routine has been proven to enhance mental health and reduce stress - 2 very important things in a kid of divorce’s life.

As a kid of divorce, you can feel as though you have little control over things, such as:

  • Your schedule between mum & dad’s house, who you get to spend time with and when

  • Your parents’ conflict

  • Your parents’ happiness

  • Your sibling’s experience of the divorce and;

  • How other people perceive your parents’ divorce

(just to name a few)

Establishing a routine can help you gain back some of that control that you feel is lacking.

What Can A Routine Look Like?

Establishing a routine can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.

It can look like:

1. Wake up

2. Wash face

3. Brush teeth

4. Get dressed

5. Go to school

Or, it can look like:

1. Get home from school

2. Shower, get changed into comfy clothes

3. Exercise for 20 – 30 minutes

4. Have 20 – 30 minutes to self to reflect, journal, chill or do something that you enjoy

5. Have dinner

6. Go to bed

Everybody’s schedule will look different, there is not right or wrong - and that’s the point!

Establishing a routine that works for YOU is the key.

What If My Routine Gets 'Mucked Up'?

From time to time, your routine can come off the rails.

This can be for various reasons – you may be going on a holiday, your schedule might be changing etc. It may be a one off, or it may be for an extended period of time.

Regardless of how long your routine is ‘mucked up’ for, all you should focus on is getting back into routine, when it suits you.

And, if you’re feeling angry, upset or exhausted from why your routine was ‘mucked up’, just remember, outside events that impact our routines are often out of our control.

You’ve Got It

You’ve got this, but you’re not alone.

I’ve had my fair share of establishing routines, watching them succeed and then fail – there is no right or wrong!

If you would like to chat about your routine (or your kids’ - for those parents reading), I’m here to listen. Contact me at or submit a contact form here.


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