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It is likely you know somebody whose parents are no longer together.

In fact, one in five Australian children experience their parents separating before the age of 18.

Hell, that's a lot!

What I have found is the following:

If you are a single mother or father, there are books for you to read. Hooray!

But what about the kids?

Sure, there are some resources out there.

But, how many from the perspective of a kid with two homes?

In my opinion, not enough!

So, here we are.

Welcome to A Kid With Two Homes.


When hearing that somebody’s parents have separated, I get an odd feeling.

A feeling that I want to help, but I don’t quite know how.

Here is my attempt.

The purpose of this blog is to share experiences and facilitate a platform that can influence positive coping mechanisms in the situation of a divorce, separation or family conflict.

The idea is to emphasise that no one should ever feel alone in a situation where their parents are no longer together or in constant conflict.

There are countless roles to be played when it comes to a situation of divorce, separation or family conflict.

Parents, children, siblings, extended family, that’s probably what first comes to mind.

But let’s not forget the friends, teachers, coaches, bosses and wider community that too play a significant role.

This blog is not exclusive to those directly impacted by divorce, separation or family conflict. This is an accessible platform for anyone who may benefit.

Your friend, stepbrother/sister/kid, student, colleague or peer may be experiencing the separation of their parents or going through a tough time with their family. As such, this is for you too.

Divorce is not one person’s experience; it is too the experiences of those who surround them.

You may not know the potential impact you can have on an individual. I hope that this platform will shed some light.


My parent’s divorced when I was 3 years old.

My brother was 1. Mum and dad were both in their early 30's.

I have lived an incredibly blessed life. I am loved, healthy and safe. My family are my world. I hold a lot of gratitude for the life that I lead, my experiences and those who surround me.

The purpose of this blog is not to harp on about my life but share those experiences that may resonate.

Divorce is a spectrum. No two scenarios are alike, this must be constantly reinforced.

The number of different situations that may eventuate from a divorce is incredibly ranged. Many that I personally am able to sympathise with, however, never quite empathise.

Throughout this blog I will commonly refer to ‘divorce.’ Whilst this is relevant to many situations, I wish to stress that not all relationship breakdowns end in divorce.

Although I will be using the term ‘divorce,’ this does not take away from the variation of situations that may exist.

No matter whom my reader may be, I hope that you can understand that nothing will ever take away from your unique experiences.

Although not being in your shoes, I will aim to understand and honour your unique position in this world. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

Divorce can impact all members of society. No exclusions here. We all have a role to play.

Let’s Really Chat About It

No really, let's. Because it’s not WW3 or COVID-19, yet this is a conversation that is so deeply important.

If one or many read this, I hope you can benefit one way or another.

Let’s be realistic, let’s share experiences.

Let’s get the conversation moving and help each other, regardless of the role you play.


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