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The role of grandparents can be profound.

For some, grandparents are a constant.

For others, grandparents may be a memory.

Regardless, they can help you in ways you may not have thought possible.

Whatever role your grandparents may play, it is important to understand the magnitude of their being or memory.

Grandparents are an immeasurable gift to many.

What’s So Important About Grandparents?

Well, without your grandparents, you wouldn’t be here!

If you are fortunate to know, have known or heard memories about your grandparents, you will know that their life was likely vastly different to your own.

The times, the culture, the expectations, the struggles- it was all very different when your grandparents were growing up.

Whether here to tell their story themselves or vicariously through another, grandparents have an incredible amount of information, knowledge and perspective to share.

Grandparents can often be a refuge, a sounding board and a close contact to you and your family during tough times.

Grandparents can really get it and they may be exactly what you need during family conflict, separation or divorce.

Valuing the NOW

Now that we have established how important and valuable grandparents can be, you must learn to value time.

If your grandparents have passed away before a time you can remember or you have lost a grandparent throughout your life, I am sorry. They live on in your heart and through your memories.

If you are fortunate enough to have your grandparents earth side, let’s talk time and the value of being present.

Whether you see your grandparents regularly or only on special occasions, be present. This means listening to what they have to say, asking questions and communicating all that you wish when you are with them.

Spending (quality) time with your grandparents can help you gain perspective and support, even If you are not actively seeking it.

Being realistic, grandparents don’t live forever. Value the now. Spend time when you can, listen, absorb and be present.

Trust Me On This One…

I have been lucky enough to have experienced the presence of all four of my grandparents throughout my life.

They have all played significant roles in my family’s conflict, separation and divorce. They have also played significant roles in general- I love them more than words can describe.

Only three weeks ago my wonderful Pa passed away.

Reflecting on my Pa’s incredible life, I reflect with gratitude. I grew up very close to all of my grandparents, spending quality time and absorbing all they offer.

My grandparents have provided immense comfort and care in times when I truly needed it.

Your grandparents may not be directly included in your family conflict, but they are close enough to understand, care and play a significant role, especially if you allow them to.

In my experience, grandparents are the best listeners, the greatest comforters and some of the most courageous people you will ever meet in your life.

You’re Not Alone

Especially if you have grandparents present in your life.

If they are not physically present, you are still not alone: I truly believe they live on in your heart and in your memories.

Spend time, listen, be present and absorb all of your grandparents have to offer, in whatever way that may be.

Although not being in your shoes, I aim to understand and honour your unique position in this world. Please feel free to contact me by submitting a contact form here or emailing at


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